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Doreen Lettsome Reid is called to help Unlock What’s Inside YouTM, current and future female Kingdompreneurs, by promoting and featuring Divine Connection Network Association Members on The Kingdompreneur Moment Live Show in the #MOMBOSS Celebration.

#MOMBOSS Celebration is a platform for mothers in business to be recognized, celebrated, and honored. This platform was created when God spoke to Doreen in May 2020 about mothers in business and mothers that have children in business.

God said, ‘I want mothers to be recognized, honored, and celebrated. I want them to share their VICTORIES! Too many are only focused on their losses or what seems like defeat. I want them to refocus their focus on ME! And I want you to continue to help the NEXT GENERATION!

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#MOMBOSS Celebration membership option provides the opportunity for mothers in business & children in business to gain visibility, credibility, and profitability while mothers gain confidence in Leaders Rising: The Confident Woman Community and youth gain character in NEXT Generation Entrepreneurship Training which is designated for youth 6th-9th grade. Divine Connection Network Association members also have the opportunity to enroll their family members into the quarterly training.

Youth participating in the quarterly NEXT Generation Entrepreneurship Training will work with highly qualified mentors and/or sponsors selected by Doreen to instill character and an interest in entrepreneurship.

Doreen has worked with mentors, sponsors, and organizations such as (AMIKids) American Marine Institute, Middle Schools and High Schools in South Carolina since 2008. Goes Here

#MOMBOSS Celebration


  • 3 #MOMBOSS Celebration Live Show Appearances ft. Mother/Child

  • 3 Social Media Graphic ft. Mother/Child
  • Featured in #MOMBOSS Celebration Website Gallery
  • Quarterly Next Generation LIVE Mentoring Event
  • Leaders Rising™: The Confident Woman Community Membership
  • POP UP Session with Doreen in the Community
  • Leaders Rising™: The Confident Women Journal
  • Independent Learning
  • Daily Development Activities
  • Oral Presentation Activities
  • Live session Audio Replays
  • Graduation Ceremony / Completion Certificate
INVESTMENT: $100 a month

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