Workforce Development Training

Leaders Rising in the Workplace Masterclass (Group Training): Is designed for job seekers, individuals seeking to advance in the workplace, and for business owners seeking to create a dynamic staffing team to ensure the success of the business.

The objective of the masterclass is to provide leaders in the workplace with faith based principals and mandates that can be immediately applied while learning next level professional development, critical thinking skills, and a renewed mindset to overcome challenges.

Participates can expect to receive the following
  • Leaders Rising in the Workplace Masterclass Assessment: provides participates a customized training session based on their specific needs, questions, and goals.
  • Customized 2 hour presentation that address specific needs, questions, and goals while providing a results driven plan of action.
  • Think Tank Moment Session designed to utilize the iron sharpens iron technique with Q& A, feedback to receive solutions in real time that can be applied and executed immediately.
  • Participates will be introduced to biblical principles to gain wisdom, knowledge, and discernment for specific strategies to go forward as a Leader Rising in the Workplace

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