Leaders Rising™ BUILDING with CONFIDENCE

Exclusive Coaching

Work exclusively with Doreen Lettsome Reid in 1:1 Bi weekly Coaching Sessions that are customized to Unlock What’s Inside You™, current/future female Christian Business Owners, while you gain CONFIDENCE to build your business, minister, or association.

Gain CONFIDENCE & CLARITY of your Mission, Message, Mandate as a Leader Rising to be placed in position and condition to go forward from your God given assignment.


Doreen specializes in various areas of business such as: Building Business Structure, Building Customized Association Manuals, Building Your Signature Training Program, Building Your Signature Presentation, Coach to Coach Mentoring, and Event Planning.

  • Building Business Structure  emphasizes  Lets Get Legal training and develop to build a firm foundation.
  • Coach to Coach Mentoring emphasizes pulling out your God given potential to become a coach and empower other women using your gift, talents, and knowledge.
  • Event Planning is a 3 Stage Process which includes:  Pre-event development the creation, coordination, and promotion of the event. Event Launch  marketing the event, posting the event to social media, networking and forming collaborations to promote the event. Event-Follow Up Posting to social media and contacting guests to continue establishing Business to Business Relationships.


1:1 Exclusive Biweekly Coaching with Doreen for 1 hour

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Bi Weekly Homework Assignments

Customized Workbook

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“My greatness need that motivated me to sign with Doreen for coaching was that she coaches the entire person. Doreen is concerned about the whole person and is genuinely concerned about the success of the person. My greatest benefit with coaching with Doreen is she offers the opportunity/platform to connect and network with potential clients and form collaborate relationships with entrepreneurs. Another benefit is she opens up the opportunity to participate in her events, classes, Digital Networking, and to be a participant on her Live show.”

-Cynthia Johnson a 2020 Member of Divine Connection Network Association and has been coaching with Doreen Lettsome Reid for 10 years. During this time Cynthia has released 2 businesses, one in real estate and Money Matters Financial Solutions LLC and has become a Financial Coach through Doreen’s Coach to Coach Mentoring Program.