Leaders Rising: Coaching Program

To Coach Mentoring Program

Is a RESULTS DRIVEN Business Coaching curriculum for high performing Christian Women leaders age 40+ rising to coach in marketplace ministry(leverage business to advance God’s Kingdom); Unlocking the CONFIDENCE Inside You to overcome fear, using KEY career, business, or ministry transitional skills to clarify your Mission, Message, Mandate to BOLDLY proclaim your FAITH while profiting in the worldwide marketplace.

Leaders Rising : Coaching Program curriculum features the 6month ALL Things Business coaching package or 3month Confident Woman Rise coaching package that are customized to Unlock What’s Inside You™ as a startup business or seasoned business plus visibility and marketing platforms are included.

READY to say “YES” to RISE as a confident woman in marketplace ministry as a Kingdompreneur while making profit!

  • Are you feeling divided between ministry and business?
  • Are you conflicted about charging for your services because of your FAITH?
  • Are you feeling like you are betraying your FAITH and ministry because you want to start a business?
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All Things Business

6 Month Coaching Package

All Things Business 6 month Coaching Package Includes Modules 1 – 6. Successful coaches begin to build a framework with an in-depth analysis of the competitions data and begin to outline a marketing strategy that stays true to the specific Mission, Message, Mandate.

Coaches will begin to apply the data acquired to create a finalized profitable marketing plan while developing other business assets to ensure the overall success of the business.

Coaches will launch the marketplace ministry business in the worldwide marketplace and access optimum media exposure to increase visibility and profitability. Coaches receive ongoing training for 1year as a Divine Connection Network Association Member and have full access to the training portal.

Confident Women Incubator

  • Do you feel you need to challenge the way you think?
  • Do you feel stuck in the box of fear and uncertainty?
  • Do you need a group of faith accountability partners supporting you to become a Confident Woman?

Confident Woman Incubator is an Exclusive & Transformational quarterly group coaching program that positions Christian women 40+ rising to coach successfully to SHARE.CONNECT.GROW.BUILD in 4 KEY ELEMENTS: Self-care, Spiritual, Professional, and Business Development from a biblical perspective in the Leaders Rising:Think Tank Series; Leaders Rising: Turning Pain Into Power Masterclass Series; Want Do Women Want Workshop.

Confident Woman Incubator features weekly access to LIVE group Training, Unlock What’s Inside You TM Training portal, Divine Connection Network Association Membership, Confident Woman Rise Gift Box, COACHING COMMUNICATION (weekly or biweekly email, text, phone call, or Facebook Messenger), and Real World Application Assignments.


Confident Women Rise

3 Month Coaching Package

Confident Women Rise 3 month coaching package contains three modules that introduces coaches to the definition and education of marketplace ministry and principles of leadership. Coaches explore critical thinking skills that shatter the misconception of Christian female business owners in the worldwide marketplace and implement REAL WORLD experience to increase confidence and understanding.

Coaches will receive clarity about Marketplace Ministry, develop the coaching business blueprint, and lay a firm foundation by developing organizational structure, policies, procedures, services/products, signature presentation and application of the “Let’s Get Legal” process which includes understanding business structure as it relates to various taxes and documentation needed to be a registered business while exploring KEY career, business, ministry transitional skills to build a coaching business.

Coaches receive full access to visibility and marketing during the three month period and ongoing training for 1year as a Divine Connection Network Association Member and have full access to the training portal.

  • Have you experienced pressure in your business?
  • Have you felt rejected when presenting your business?
  • Have you noticed that the pressure and rejection has caused procrastination?
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Nichole White Span is a Confident Women Rise Co-Author and Pastor-

“Doreen is clearly passionate about her mission. She is a marketing master and never stops working. If you are looking for someone who knows how to keep you motivated to get the job done, Doreen is your woman.”

Nichole White Span – Pastor


Doreen Lettsome Reid


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Tonia Blackwood, CEO, Then I Rise Enterprises LLC

I have had the honor, on more than one occasion, to with work with Doreen Lettsome Reid. She is a business visionary and a driven woman of God who strives to lift women around the world to be their absolute best. Our common goals only strengthen our bond to support each other. She not only believes but lives collaboratively in all she does.”

-Tonia Blackwood, CEO, Then I Rise Enterprises LLC