Unlock What’s Inside You, It’s a Divine Connection!

The Kingdompreneur Moment Blog is designed to Unlock What’s Inside You, current/future female Kingdompreneurs, while learning how to enlarge God’s Kingdom through the reach and influence of your business in the marketplace.

Scripture Reference: 1Chronicles 4:10 “If only You would bless me and enlarge my territory!”-Berean Study Bible.

Shattering the Misconception of a Christian Business Owner: We will shatter common misconceptions with thought provoking questions and in depth discussion designed to Unlock What’s Inside You, current/future female Kingdompreneurs while gaining clarity of your Mission, Message, and Mandate as you start building your business and enlarging your territory.

As a Kingdompreneur you may have asked yourself, how can Christian business owners develop a business strategy based on Christian values?

As a Faith Based Business Coach I believe Christian business owners can develop business strategies based on Christian values by understanding we cannot put the cross down and pick up entrepreneurship and we can’t pick up entrepreneurship without the cross. We can not separate who we are from whose we are and what we do.

Jesus has already established how Christian business owners are to develop their businesses based on biblical principals when he said, ‘we must build on the Rock, God’s Word, and not sinking sand’ Mt. 7:24. In doing so Christian business owners are ‘seeking first the kingdom and then trusting everything else will be added ‘ Mt.6:33.